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A letter from the Founder & CEO

 I help investors buy, renovate and manage great properties. With nearly two decades of experience James has helped investors from around the world grow their portfolio and deliver results. Our team delivers everything an investor needs to succeed. Starting with acquisitions, our team at is focused on specific areas of town that qualified tenants are asking to live in. We have studied each zip code street by street and know where to buy and what areas to avoid. The two data points we measure are how quickly a home is rented after a full renovation, and length of tenant stay. By focusing on areas of town that are safe, and close to major employers like FedEx World Headquarters, St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, and Nike's Worldwide Distribution Center – Foundation Property Management, LLC maintains a 98% occupy rate keeping your properties tenanted with hard-working, long-term tenants. Our average tenant stay is 2.75 years and our eviction rate is less than 1%. 

High-quality construction standards: If it doesn’t have a 10-year useful life, we fix it or replace it. We add several maintenance preventers like hard-surface flooring in high traffic areas, new 30-year architectural shingle roofs, new HVAC, upgraded plumbing, and much more. This helps keep maintenance request to a minimum, increasing your bottom line, and our investors coming back when they decide to expand their portfolio. Our game plan is simple: we repair what is identified as defective, modernize the aesthetics, and verify the home is safe, clean, and functional. 

What is Turnkey? We offer everything under one roof that my investors need to succeed: Acquisitions, Renovations, Repairs, In-house Property Management, Accounting, Legal, Hazard Insurance Master Policy, Collections, and our team of preferred lenders make it possible to obtain the best financing options, with as little as 15% down. 

I love working with investors to help them formulate a game plan and create strategies to replace their income! Schedule a call or online strategy session with an advisor to take your next steps towards growing a portfolio of passive income properties. My investors have found success with - last year alone they added more than $23 million in value to their portfolios. You can tap into our team’s 100+ years combined experience in the real estate industry. Whether you are new to investing or a seasoned veteran, our team will give you the tools you need to succeed.


We act as your boots on the ground and our goal is to deliver results that affect your bottom line. 

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