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The Complete Process: 

1. Begin Discovery - Browse all properties on 


Each property’s diligence vault contains all data that an informed investor would need to analyze our properties. Let us help you chart a course from where you are now to where you want to be. Fill out our Discovery Form to speak with a client advisor to develop your plan. 

2. Take Action

Click the “Order Now” button and fill out a brief questionnaire to reserve the property. 

3. Purchase Agreement

Once our team receives your application, and it is approved, we will send you the paperwork via DocuSign. 

4. Pre-approval Process

We work with several preferred lenders who are experts in helping real estate investors maximize their capital. They offer the most aggressive rates and lower fees than traditional mortgage brokers and have a deep understanding of the intricacies involved in growing a sizable portfolio. 

5. Hazard Insurance

Lipscomb and Pitts will send details of our optional master insurance policy. Please respond to and accept their coverage or you choose to use your own insurance provider. 


PLEASE NOTE: Foundation Property Management, LLC must be listed as Additionally Insured on all policies not held by Lipscomb & Pitts. Your insurance provider will be responsible to send all renewal declaration pages after the initial term. 


6. Consideration

Wire your earnest money, in the amount of $5000 to the closing attorney. *10,000 is required for new construction and is paid to the builder. These funds will be applied to your down payment, at closing. 


  • ATTENTION!! Please call the office of Apperson Crump PLC at 901-756-6300 to verify the instructions are correct BEFORE wiring funds. 

  • Remain in contact with your preferred lender and supply them with all documents required. 

  • Foundation Property Management is already marketing your property to find a qualified tenant, during the renovation period & our team will send you photo updates of the renovation in progress. 


7. Inspections

When all renovations are completed, our team will schedule your 3rd party home inspection to ensure the craftsmanship and condition of the property, a termite inspection is required by the mortgage company to confirm the property is free of any termites, and the appraisal will justify the sales price to your lender. 


Any necessary repairs found by the home inspector will be addressed, at no additional cost to you, and a detailed update including photos will be sent for your approval. 

8. Sign Documents

The attorney, Apperson Crump PLC, will FedEx the closing documents to be signed, and you will return them to the attorney. 



9. Foundation Property Management

We will prorate your rent from the closing date and take care of your property moving forward. You will receive a username and login into our rental owner’s portal where you can track all aspects of your portfolio, in real-time. 


*Note: This process usually takes 30-45 days from the time you endorse the purchase agreement. We receive multiple offers on many of our properties. It is always best to consult a preferred lender, as soon as possible, during your discovery process. 


10. Enjoy!

Enjoy cash flow from your property, use it to pay down the loan principal, and repeat the whole process. Now you’re on your way to realizing your goals! 



1. Create your investor profile

Answer a few short questions to activate a customized dashboard and property recommendations based on your investor profile.

2. Speak with an expert

Talk with our expert team for a complimentary strategy session or to answer any questions you may have.

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